Sun Oct 21

2pm to 5:30pm
Rich Mix 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA

A celebration of Maurice El Medioni at 90


Bon Anniversaire Grand Maitre!!! This week, on Thursday 18 October, it was the 90th birthday of Maurice El Medioni (مــوريــس الــمــديــونــي),  Algerian Jewish pioneering Master of PianOriental composer and interpreter of Andalusian, Rai, Chaabi, Sephardic and Arab music. He  is one of the few living artists to have performed with the great Chaabi and Judéo-Arabe artists of the 1950’s such as Lili Labassi, Line Monty, Lili Boniche,  Samy El Maghribi and Reinette l’Oranaise, along with modern Rai music greats like Khaled. So on the dex we’ll be dipping into the delights of his long recording career and live we're featuring a quartet created in his honour


LIVE: Medioni Quartet feat YAZID FENTAZ I ( oud ) SIMO LAGNAWI ( gimbri and karakab)  LYNDON OWEN (horns and pipes ) CRAC DOWNES (basses)

ONSCREEN: The first London screening  of stunning new documentary Maurice El Medioni: The Birth of PianOriental”
(UK 2018 dir. Clive Myer & Lynda Myer-Bennett)
The music of the dispossessed.

A feature film about the life, musical influences and music of the Godfather of PianOriental.

His left hand plays Boogie, his right hand plays Rai.

“Jews and Arabs share the same musical story. We, the Moors, Arabs and Jews     

 were kicked out of Spain in 1492 and in our baggage was the same music.”

 English, French & Arabic with English subtitles.


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Next Mwalimu Express Session: Sun 21 Oct 2-5.30pm @ Rich Mix Celebrating MAURICE EL MEDIONI's 90th Birthday