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Sun Mar 24

2pm to 5.30pm

Rich Mix 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road. London E1 6LA

feat .



Sensational Senegalese guitar hero/ singer-songwriter

Originally from Senegal, he was inspired by his brother, a musician who started to teach him how to play the drums. But then Abdoulaye had the opportunity to work in a builders merchant in the village of Yene by the sea, where he found himself totally inspired by the beautiful scenery and the surroundings. That led him to create his own sound. He went back to the shop and grabbed the tools he could find and started making his own guitar with fishing rods and a petrol can.  Since then, the guitar has become his favourite instrument. His original music is inspired by Fula and Mandinka cultures among many others, and also by Abdulaye’s travels, collaborations and researches in Africa and Europe.

Straight outta Hackney London, get set for ABDOULAYE SAMB AND MINNJIARABY.  Minnjiaraby means “The love of cultural mixing”, and this big eared approach to music making embraces the richness of Senegalese traditions as well as the cultures of the people they come into contact with.


  ...... PLUS all those things that make the Mwalimu THE MWALiMU

Always Free, Always will be

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Mwalimu Express 4th Sunday of the Month 

from Sept to May each year

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Big thannx to BREIS for a mighty fine show and this vid too



April Mwalimu Express -

Sunday 28th April 2019/  2 till 5.30 pm
high Octane mbalax fueled Afro vibes from



for more information about us:




Next Mwalimu Express Session: Sun 24 Mar 2-5.30pm @ Rich Mix   Mwalimu Nanga Def Session: ABDOULAYE SAMB Senegalese guitar hero/ singer