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Sunday Sept 17..Extended Remix Mwalimu

- afternoon PLUS evening sesh!!
Launching London African Music Festival 2017


Sunday September 17 2pm - 8pm 
Back in Stride with a Mwalimu Double Whammy:
Homowo (Ghanaian Harvest Fest) Special 
2.00 - 5.30 pm
Plus African Cinema from Screenstation


 Celebrate Homowo Harvest Festival with master drummer AFLA SACKEY’s awesome new traditional Ga folk band SABBEY INTERNATIONAL DRUMMRS rockin' with balafon, gome, flutes and tuned drums. Riding over those hectic and spell binding melodic rhythms u got Sabbey's gloriously funky chants and songs

London African Music Festival Launch  Party
5.30 - 8.00 pm
feat. multi award winning Ghanaian singer/songwriter sensation:  
The 15th London African Music Festival launch!!
 WIYAALA is young, gifted and fiercely independent. She draws her inspiration from remote Northern Ghana where she was born, Wiyaala - 'The Doer' is one of the most exciting and endearing voices coming from the Motherland, and she truly has got something to say.


Plus all those things that make the Mwalimu THE MWALIMU!!!!

Always Free, Always will be

DJ's Max Reinhardt and Rita Ray behind the decks
Babies toddlers Kids and parents dance sessions

with Lucy Angell John
Hone your Oware skills with Seth

and the junior pebble demons
Dom's cd stall (if you're lucky)
Plus all your favourite Open The Gate African Market stalls

and Kunle's African street food fresh from the pot
Mwalimu Express 3rd Sunday of the Month Sept-May





Sun Oct 15.. Muntu Valdo


Rich Mix Radio currently on hold people

Watch this space!

 for more information about us:




Next Mwalimu Express Session:              Sunday 17 Sept 2.00 till Late in the Evening /Extended Remix Mwalimu!!!