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SEBY NTEGE launches his brand new album "Five Notes" at Mwalimu Express this April. Get set for lush new sounds springing from the Garden of Africa. It's Party Time yunno!


Seby is a singer songwriter from the Busoga region in the eastern part of Uganda, renowned for producing some of the best multi-instrumentalists in the country – and indeed Seby is a master of a variety of traditional instruments from his country including akogo thumb piano, endongo lyre, adungu harp and endingidi, a one string fiddle. To this  Seby has added the West African Kora which he learnt with the widely acclaimed and celebrated Gambian female Kora virtuoso Sona Jobarteh with whom he toured internationally.

 Fronted by multi-instrumentalist and UK ambassador for Ugandan folk music and instruments Seby Ntege, the band’s danceable sound is a musical marriage between Uganda, the UK and West Africa - 'Ugandan afro/soul.A charismatic presence and bandleader on stage Seby leads a band with a special camaraderie and energy featuring Diana Lganda (vocals), Mr Will (guitar), Rob Stevens (bass) and Lucas Keen (drums).



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Next Mwalimu Express Session:  Sunday April15 SEBY NTEGE, Ugandan multi instrumentalist and folk music supremo launches his brand new album "Five Notes" LIVE plus On Screen an African cinematic gem brought to you by ScreenStation